Hague Water Conditioning

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American Made Systems by an American Owned Company


    Eliminate the "swimming pool" taste and odor caused by chlorine in municipal odor with the HC3-CF Carbon Filter. Using the efficient Hydro-Clean-3 Valve, this American-made system provides a salt-free option to greatly improve the water throughout your entire home. Purchase one today and have it installed as early as the next business day!


    ALL-IN-ONE, SELF-CLEANING SCALE/ CHLORINE/ HEAVY METAL FILTER Looking for a salt-free, whole-house alternative to tradition softeners? Look no further than the WaterMax 2ABE. This efficient, comprehensive system uses media specifically designed to remove and reduce scale, chlorine, bacteria, and many heavy metals to greatly improve water quality throughout your entire house. Using the world-class WaterMax® design as a template, Hague Water created the premier salt-free, whole-house system. No more concern about foul odors, scale buildup, chlorine taste, or heavy metals overtaking your water, just great water treated by an American-made piece of equipment.
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